The Shreeji Group has established itself as one of the leading groups of companies!

  • Shreeji Industries Manufacturer, Traders & Exporter of yarns
  • Shreeji Synthetics Specialist of High speed rapier warped beams

Shreeji Group Information

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the biggest manufacturers, traders, and exporters of various types of yarns which is used in textile industries such as weaving, knitting, warping etc. The success of the SHREEJI GROUP, which includes Shreeji Industries, Shreeji Synthetics and H.M. Metallic, was significantly aided by the restructured corporate culture and business operations with discrete cost centres and a single profit centre. Due to the combined efforts of this hardworking companies and their talented management and production team, this collection of firms has experienced exceptional growth.  Read More…


Beyond The Trust

We are Committed to provide high quality textiles product and Service.

Good Quality

Shreeji Group always do the best quality, can arrive at 4 grade or higher. Great yarn strength, good twist evenness.


We can provide customised products to the specific requirements of our clients as we have our own R&D Lab.

Excellent Service

We are available on Textile ecommerce platform such as IndiaMART, Fibre2Fashion, customer could always get efficient, prompt, and professional service.

Reasonable Pricing

We work hard to purchase first grade raw material in huge quantity at reasonable price, so our customer gets our product at competitive prices.

Best Quality Yarn Brand Around The Globe

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We Offer Wide Range Of Fine Denier Yarn & Products!

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